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Cagney Tennis Academy offers Lake Macquarie & Newcastle junior tennis coaching programs for children aged between 3 to 18 years of age. Book your lesson in now!

Junior Classes & Squads in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

Junior Tennis Coaching

Junior Tennis Coaching Classes & Squads – are for children between the ages of 3 & 18. It is a 3 tiered program offering professional coaching for:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced players

Our junior tennis coaching programs teach every facet including technique, match play, tactics, mental approach and physical fitness through a variety of drills, simulated match play and games, as well as discussion during lessons.

Our 3-12 year old students are usually taught using Tennis Australia’s ANZ Hotshots program.

Cagney Tennis Academy is a strong believer in “Analysis and Correction” of a student’s game, so rather than simply offering “supervised hitting” or practice of existing incorrect strokes and habits, (as is the case at so many tennis centres around the country and world), the student will actually be shown, taught and learn the correct way to play and improve their tennis skills right from their very first lesson.

junior tennis classes and tennis squads

Junior Tennis Classes

Professional Junior Tennis COACHING for Learners to Learn, Thrive and Shine

Australia is well known for its great weather and its blue sky days that stretch over most of the year. Taking advantage of this is paramount, especially when the rest of our days are filled with screens: whether computer, phone or tablet screens. Our lives very much depend on these screen, so taking time to create a balanced life for you and your kids is important. Junior tennis classes are an easy way to incorporate fitness, learning a new skill, friendship and teamwork into children’s lives. Enrolling at Cagney tennis academy means a trusted approach to foster each individual to become their best.

Benefits of Junior Tennis Lessons

Sport is an important part of any person’s life, whether played for fun or competitively. Here’s what we’ve noticed the benefits are:

  • As adults, we learn about balance: couch days and walks. Junior tennis coaching does the same for kids, it teaches kids to incorporate fitness into their lives and play to their fullest potential. It also encourages discipline, and the importance of commitment.
  • Playing sport also helps with setting goals and working towards reaching goals. Mistakes are entirely human, we all make mistakes. Our inclusive environment ensures that students learn from their mistakes but not feel like a failure.
  • Interaction with team members encourages communication and learning to socialise while following rules. Being a team member also teaches accountability to each student and builds confidence.

What You Can Expect from a Junior Tennis Coach

At Cagney tennis academy, we’ve moulded our approach over the past 30 years. Here’s what to expect from tennis coaching at the academy, whether adult or junior classes:

  • We had a humble start at Eleebana Tennis Centre in 1992. Derek, the founder and owner, was given the opportunity to teach a handful of students. Our aim, since, is professionalism and building an inclusive environment.
  • Correct technique is our goal, whether teaching kids or adults. Fun classes, led by professional coaches, are all part of the academy’s environment.
  • Junior tennis trainer to mentor students, whether tennis is their hobby or to play competitive tennis. We have successfully guided students in the U10, U12, U14, U16 teams and for state and national competitions.


For kids, tennis is a fantastic sport, therefore, we want them to enjoy themselves and be able to play as well as they can. Tennis teaches young people important life lessons including focus, commitment, strategic thinking, resilience and self-assurance. Additionally, it also has a wide range of advantages for their physical growth like speed, flexibility, agility, control, balance, and body coordination. Here are some tennis tips for juniors that you can work in with our junior tennis coaching.


How to control your serve is the first step to optimising your junior tennis skills. In tennis, the serve is the most crucial shot. Therefore, it’s essential to take the time to develop correct technique on this shot, if you want to develop their game. Spend some time preparing the shot, paying attention to the precise positioning of the ball for the toss as opposed to how quickly and forcefully you can serve the ball to your opponent. Many beginner players make the mistake of attempting to strike serves as hard and as quickly as they can. The essentials of serving are the stance, toss, and weight transfer. Your posture should be properly positioned and balanced, so the remainder of the serve goes smoothly.

In tennis the serve is all about your movement and positioning on the court so take the time to practise it a lot, and well. Read more about serving in our ‘how to perfect your serve’ blog post here. Our junior tennis coaching will give you the tools you need to excel in your serving technique.


For junior tennis players, identifying your strengths and weaknesses may be tricky, but identifying them means you can base your training and practise around them. By targeting your weak points you can focus on them specifically to improve them and your overall performance. Identifying your strengths can also help game play, you can experiment with different shots or positions to see which ones work best, which ones you execute well and which shots you excel in. This will help you create multiple patterns of play, allowing you to become a much more difficult opponent to play. You can strategise on how to best play the game and beat opponents.

Cagney Tennis Academy has a large range of junior tennis coaches who can help you identify these and put a practice plan in place to work on them.


Practising your tennis skills is the only way you can improve, we offer court hire at a number of locations where you can train or invest in some extra Tennis Lessons that will help provide a second opinion, provide extra court time and a professional approach to developing your game. Aim to be consistently practising your skills, focus on control rather than power when you’re starting out and as you improve your consistency will too, adding more pace and power to your shots.

Additionally, consistent practice of your tennis helps you identify what you need to work on, focus on the basic fundamentals of tennis including grip, footwork, strokes, serves and court positioning. Lessons can be a great way to refine your technique and avoid bad habits.


Our approach to professionalism and inclusivity has been fostered over the past 30 years. We aim to create an environment in which students learn and flourish while being part of a team. The bonds formed within these teams, encourage friendship, sportsmanship and teamwork in young kids. Our aim to building an inclusive environment means every student feels welcome, heard and taught to enable them to excel. 

We teach kids and adults and offer various classes: group classes, private classes and holiday workshops – to name but a few, all reasonably priced. We are proudly Australian-owned and operated, and our experience over three decades meant an expansion of clinics to five locations to better serve our tennis community.

Tennis is a great sport for kids and there are several benefits to Junior Tennis both socially, physically and mentally. While physically tennis improves things such as hand-eye coordination, agility and reflexes it also helps mentally in terms of patience, persistence and commitment. Lastly, tennis has a built in social component which is great for kids to learn about healthy competition, sportsmanship and social development.

Cagney Tennis Academy also offers a large range of other coaching sessions including Adult tennis lessons, social tennis and cardio tennis

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