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Social Tennis in Newcastle is a great way to connect with new people, learn the sport and stay active. Contact the team today or book your court now!

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Social Tennis in Newcastle

Social tennis is a fantastic way to remain active, make new friends, and have fun with friends and family. It’s simple to pick up a racquet and play social tennis in Newcastle no matter your age, whether it’s at the beach, down the driveway, or at your neighbourhood club. Even though the sport can be incredibly competitive, its essence is very social and Cagney Tennis Academy offers this at all our courts.

The communication and strategy required for doubles is excellent for developing collaborative abilities. Additionally, there are several possibilities to support your partner and take pleasure in their support of you, which is an additional aspect of hitting tennis balls. When you play social tennis, you are also giving someone else a chance to get a hit, which, according to study, can be just as fulfilling as playing. It’s also simple to connect with a club and your local community and begin taking advantage of the social benefits that tennis can offer through our local tennis courts.

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Why Social Tennis?

Tennis can be both a fun and effective workout. Tennis has a variety of health advantages, including, building up your aerobic capacity, decreasing the blood pressure and heart rate during rest, enhancing metabolic process and bone mass, reducing body fat while enhancing muscle strength, flexibility, and tone and of course accelerating response time. 

In Newcastle, tennis clubs offer club courts available for use. Cagney Tennis Academy have organised social play, contests and tournaments that will give you other tennis players to play with and against. Tennis is naturally a social sport and interacting with others can encourage people to step out of their comfort zone while boosting their confidence and social skills.

Tennis is a fantastic remedy if you or your children have a tendency to be timid or have trouble meeting new people, especially for children to improve social development, sportsmanship and teamwork. Mastering any skill requires practice, and maintaining that practice requires patience. This is an extremely important lesson to learn. It’s more vital to keep going than it is to win, playing social teaches kids that losing can be enjoyable too! Looking for more of a serious competition for your child? Cagney Tennis Academy also offer junior tennis lessons , adult tennis lessons, private and semi-private lessons and competitions. Contact us for more information!

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Whether you’re just looking for something to do on your weekends, improve your skills by testing competition or encourage your kids to learn sportsmanship, social tennis in Newcastle is the solution.

Social support can be great for managing stress for adults, take a break from your busy lifestyles weekly to play tennis and meet like-minded people and create new networks. Sign up at Cagney Tennis Academy Newcastle to create a routine and enjoy its full health advantages.

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At Cagney Tennis Academy we are always willing to investigate the possibilities of new competition and assist in recruiting players. If you have a few friends who would be interested in participating in our tournaments or even launching a new competition send us information via email and we will see how we can help! 

Social tennis has many benefits, come give it a try and enjoy all its benefits while catching up with friends, having fun with family or meeting new tennis buddies.