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Replacement Grips

Babolat Syntec Touch Grip

RRP $18

This grip features a great balance of feel for the ball and ongoing comfort including a tacky texture to ensure a secure grip.

Babolat Uptake Grip

RRP $15

This one has a tacky feel with good absorption qualities. A good value.

Over Grips

Babolat Pro Tour

RRP $20 (3pk)

The Babolat Pro Tour Overgrip offers excellent feel with nice tack while providing good absorption. Long enough for both standard and extra long handles and easy to wrap. This 3-pack comes in a convenient plastic carrying case, making it easy to find and keeps them clean and tidy.

Babolat My Overgrip

RRP $5 (1pc)

The Babolat My Grip is a new tacky overgrip, with a slightly textured tread pattern. Extra soft and comfortable feel.