Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions




The purpose of this policy is to outline Coaching, Cardio Tennis & Competition policies including terms of payment.




This policy applies to players & students enrolled in Junior & Adult Coaching Programs, Cardio Tennis & Competitions with Cagney Tennis Academy.


Coaching Term Fees


Coaching programs are run in line with NSW State school terms & fees are charged for the full term (staff development days will be included as a regular coaching day). An invoice will be provided to each student via email. Payment of term fees in full is due within 4 weeks from the commencement of term. If any balance is outstanding after 4 weeks, an administration fee of $15 will be charged. Students can enrol after the start of term with fees adjusted accordingly on a pro rata basis.


For extenuating circumstances, we may be contacted to establish alternate payment terms.


Payment can be made by any of the following methods:

  1. In person via cash or cheque
  2. Direct bank transfer (banking details are provided on the invoice)


Automatic Re-Enrolment Process:

As our Coaching Classes / Hotshots Classes / Squad Classes / Cardio Tennis Classes are very popular and in high demand, as are our coaches (everyone has their favourite!), we AUTOMATICALLY re-enrol all our class participants so they don’t lose their spot from one term to the next. If you need to make changes to your coaching schedule, please let us know as soon as possible to maximise your chance of getting the class change you are looking for. If you are not returning to a class for the next term, you must let us know so we can remove you from the class and adjust the invoice up to that point, and offer the class spot to the next person on the wait list.


Missed Lessons


In the event a lesson is missed, (includes all Junior Coaching, Cardio Tennis & Adult Classes) for whatever reason, you are welcome to attend a make-up lesson at another time at any of our centres throughout the term providing there are positions available in a suitable class. Missed lessons must be made up in the same term in which they occur. Fees will not be discounted or reduced for missed lessons. Contact us to organise a suitable day and time.


Please do not leave your catchup lessons until week 10 of the term, and then try to catch them all up in a week, as we simply do not have enough availability. Please catch them up as you go, as they get missed.


Wet Weather


In the event of rain, please check with us to see if Coaching, Cardio Tennis and / or Comp will be going ahead. Wet weather notifications are posted on our Facebook & Instagram pages & on our website home page at www.cagneytennisacademy.com.au

PLEASE NOTE: We are often on the court coaching at some centres and can be washed out at other centres depending on where / how much it is raining, so we cannot answer phone calls or text / social media messages.

All juniors & adults enrolled in our coaching programs are entitled to wet weather makeup lessons which must be taken within the term in which they occur. Please contact us to organise a suitable time. Fees will not be discounted or reduced as a result of wet weather.


Please do not leave your catchup lessons until week 10 of the term, and then try to catch them all up in a week, as we simply do not have enough availability. Please catch them up as you go, as they get missed.


Hot Weather


With the Australian climate the way it is, there will be the occasional really hot day during the summer period. As everybody’s tolerance to heat is different, Coaching & Comp will be on & students enrolled in our coaching programs will not be entitled to a makeup lesson due to heat.


Private Lessons


Private lessons are organised at a suitable time for both Player and Coach. Payment is due prior to commencement of the lesson.


For private lessons booked & paid for during peak coaching times Monday to Friday 3:15-8:30pm & Saturday morning 7am-12pm, customers will need to reschedule any lessons missed due to rain, illness or any other reason.


If a Player is unable to attend a lesson, we must be contacted with NO LESS than 8 hours notice, or the invoice will still be sent and payment required.




Full payment for competitions conducted during each term is due in full by the second week of play. 

Please note that NO REFUNDS will be issued for players withdrawing from a competition once the draw has been made. If a player withdraws after the draw is complete, it can often cause a re-draw & more than several hours work, as well as inconveniencing the rest of the participants in the competition.


Breach of Payment Terms

Further action will be taken to recover outstanding amounts. Any legal costs and / or costs for extra services involved in recovering outstanding fees will be charged to the account.


Consultation and Advice

This policy has been developed to provide guidance for Cagney Tennis Academy customers. Kindly contact us on 0400 881 166 or at louise@cagneytennisacademy.com if you require any further clarification.