Tennis Coaching Lake Macquarie

Cagney Tennis Academy offers tennis coaching in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle. We offer junior and adult tennis lessons, read more below.

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TENNIS coaching Lake Macquarie

At Cagney Tennis Academy, we’re passionate about tennis coaching in Lake Macquarie, we love helping our clients learn to play tennis or play tennis better….its what makes us tick! We believe that technique is the foundation to playing tennis at the highest level each individual is capable of. We pride ourselves on being able to provide excellent technical instruction in a fun games based environment that allows players to learn and experience tennis while being shown the correct way. Our Coaches continually attend education courses and workshops with Tennis Australia to improve their vast knowledge and skills, and keep up to date with the latest coaching trends from around the world.

All our classes are graded on ability (and age for children) so players are learning and training with other players of similar ability and experience. Hotshots classes are graded – Red Ball, Orange Ball then Green Ball before progressing to a a regular Yellow Ball. Red Ball 3-6 years, Orange Ball 6-9 years, Green Ball 9+ years then Yellow Ball from 12+years. Adult classes are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Please contact us if you would like further information on any of our Lake Macquarie tennis coaching.

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Tennis Coaching Newcastle

Give Tennis Coaching in Lake Macquarie a Try

On your first visit to one of our five tennis centres across Lake Macquarie, you will see that we have combined a passion for tennis with professional, precise training to bring you the best tennis coaching in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and beyond.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is with Newcastle tennis; we create an inclusive environment where you can learn to perfect your forehand volley or work on your overhead smash. We train kids and adults, and our programmes can be the first step you take towards playing with your friends or competitive tennis. Our variety of locations and different court types will have you spoiled for choice and make it easy to find what you are looking for in terms of the kind of court, facilities and travel distance.

What You Can Expect from Us

As the leading teaching academy in the region, Cagney Tennis Academy, you tap into more than 50 years of coaching and mentoring of young and old and a life-long passion for tennis. Here are some of the coaching options you can consider at one of our centres:

  • Lakelands/Warners Bay Tennis Centre. At this specific centre, you can expect three Plexicushion Acrylic Hard Courts with state of the art LED floodlighting available to hire,a covered seating area as well as the use of a kitchenette and bathroom facilities. It is usually best to hire a court for at least an hour to get a great hit / experience. We encourage you to use our online booking system to avoid disappointment and be sure to familiarise yourself with Covid-19 protocols as certain areas are off-limits now until further notice.
  • Eleebana Tennis Centre. This centre has three synthetic grass courts with state of the art LED floodlighting available for hire. This centre was the first and where the academy was born, established by founder Derek Cagney in 1992. At the young age of 17, Coach Derek took over the academy and began growing it to the heights of today.
  • Our Valentine Tennis Centre is located in Croudace Bay with two synthetic grass floodlit courts, a kitchenette and bathroom facilities, and a covered BBQ and seating areas.
  • Our Fletcher Tennis Centre consists of two hard courts with floodlights and a covered BBQ area with seating.
  • We have a Pro Shop situated at the Eleebana & Lakelands centres. From racquets to strings, grips, balls and bags, we have all the stock posted online so you can see what is in the physical shop, and you can order and collect as it suits you.

Besides the different locations where you can practice your tennis skills, we have various coaching and holiday programmes to keep adults and kids alike in the best tennis shape.

What to Expect from Tennis Coaching in Lake Macquarie

It might be that you only recently discovered the joys of tennis, or your kid showed potential on the court; we have many different events and coaching strategies that will suit the beginner or the advanced player. You can enjoy a private lesson with a tennis coach while your child plays in a squad to learn the basics, making it a fun time and exercise routine for both of you at the same time.

If you haven’t had good luck finding a tennis instructor that you like previously, we have accredited coaches that you are sure to enjoy and will coach and guide you with a professional yet caring approach to make you feel comfortable during your session.

As your skills improve, you will advance to the next level, and we also offer you all the coaching, private tennis lessons in Newcastle and competitions that you and your family might want to get involved in. Here are some of the options that we have available for you:

  • Junior tennis classes. From as early as the age of three, you can develop a love of tennis in your kid. They will be sure to have fun while playing tennis. Still, we are also here to do coaching through analysis and correction. Should they decide to play tennis for their school or professionally, they have not simply been repeatedly practising the same flaws in technique. Through analysis, the tennis trainer can improve their skills from the get-go and learn the correct way to play tennis. We will coach until age 18 under this programme, from beginners to advanced players.
  • ANZ Hot Shots. This programme is specifically for the little ones from three to 12 years old, where we will teach them how to play tennis in a more relaxed, fun environment without the pressure of ‘performing’. Here we instead focus on maximum participation and grouping kids together based on their ability, age and experience, so they feel comfortable having fun while learning in a group.
  • If you just love playing tennis for fun as an adult and you are looking to get a great workout at the same time, you should try our cardio tennis sessions. The training sessions are interval-based with high intensity followed by periods of rest. We work on a ten-week basis, and you can do a maximum of three sessions a week. It’s all about exercise rather than the mechanics of tennis.
  • We host school holiday programmes too. We have four-day programmes at Eleebana and two or three-day programmes at Fletcher. Not only is this a great way to keep your kids busy while exercising, but it can also be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to something that might become a life-long passion. This programme is also great to prevent a star tennis player from entering a holiday slump.
  • Private or semi-private lessons. The best way to fast-track your learning or perfect your skills is through private Newcastle tennis lessons with Tennis Australia or ATPCA-qualified coaches who can tailor the session specifically to your needs and help you improve. You can enhance your tactical, technical and match-play skills to up your game while you work out.

We also host competitions where you can show off the skills that you have learned during your tennis in Lake Macquarie & Newcastle. Our Advanced Singles League is for those serious players looking for high intensity and high tempo match play with the match line-up available on our site. Our Friday competition gives the beginners a chance to play matches or doubles on a smaller court. The scoring is also adapted so the kids can better understand how contests work and get a feel for the courts and the rules.

About Cagney Tennis Academy

We are very proud of how far we have come from the humble beginnings in 1992, growing to five centres and ten full-time tennis coaches on our team. As the leading tennis academy in the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie region, we deliver only the best, most professional tennis courses to all our clients, young and old.

Our centres have all the facilities you need to be comfortable and relax and recover after a session. Our new Lakelands centre is our pride and joy where we offer the 10-week term for adults and kids alike. We use our experience to perfect your tennis skills and to take you on to national and international championships, or we just provide you with a good workout and a fun time in the sun.

Contact us to see what real experience and coaching technique means.