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School Holiday Clinics – January 2024

Our school holiday tennis camps, which are conducted each school holidays, are a great way to introduce your child to tennis or to continue your child’s tennis development. Catering to all children, of all ability levels from age 4-14.

If your child is new to tennis, they will receive 14.5 hours of coaching in a week, which is almost the equivalent to 1.5 regular terms of coaching in just 1 week! It is an economical and effective way to get them started. 

Our clinics are 4 day programs at Eleebana and/or Lakelands Tennis Centres and 2 or 3 day programs at Fletcher Tennis Centre. They’re designed to cover a wide range of tennis activities and are an excellent supplement to the regular hotshots classes, coaching classes and squad lessons.

As well as learning technique, all strokes, tactics, strategy, match play and scoring, the children will have an amazing time meeting other children and making new friends in a positive, encouraging atmosphere, all catering towards making lifelong friendships and enjoying a sport that can be played for life.

The children will get some healthy, outdoor exercise in a sun safe environment, meet and make new friends, get off their devices and have the opportunity to socialise with other children helping them develop skills for a lifetime, both within tennis and socially.

Our team of coaches are highly motivated, enthusiastic, encouraging, and super positive, and love nothing more than making sure your child has an amazing experience and enjoyable of tennis and fun.

For those continuing their tennis journey, our clinics are an excellent way to help keep your child’s game at its optimum level, preventing the usual “rustiness” creeping in over the holiday break. It’s also a fantastic way to keep your child physically active and off their electronic device for a good chunk of the holiday break.

Our tennis camps offer loads of giveaways such as tennis balls, tennis racquet grips, report cards detailing your child’s progress, effort and skill level, a drink, a snack and stacks of prizes for those children that excel during the week to take home and further inspire them.

Sign up for the tennis camp now and get your child started on their tennis journey! 

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