Tennis Doubles Drills

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Tennis Doubles Drills

When playing tennis doubles, quick, timely reactions are essential for success. However, accuracy and strength are just as important. Tennis doubles is even more challenging than singles tennis because two players must communicate with one another and coordinate their efforts.If you want to enhance your doubles play, you need to access a wide variety of drills that will help you refine a variety of skills.

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Why Tennis Doubles?

In Tennis Doubles, there are a total of four tennis players participating in this style of tennis match. In other terms, doubles is a two-on-two match. On opposite ends of the tennis court, a team of two tennis players competes against another team of two.

With doubles, there is obviously the added difficulty of having to work as a team, which makes things a little more challenging, but this also means that there is an even bigger possibility to work together on your strategies.

4 Tennis Drills For Doubles

Quick Response Time

Reaction time is vital to Tennis Doubles, letting the ball bounce can often give your opponent time to recover rather than hitting the ball in the air. To practise this technique, two players line up on the service line with their rivals lined up on the baseline. The point is played when a ball is hit from the baseline team to the net team.

The net team, however, is required to take every ball that is in the air during the entire point. They forfeit the point if they allow it to bounce even once.

Space & Motion

A short ball in tennis refers to the balls that bounce near the net giving the opponent less space to hit.

Practise this drill by having two doubles teams begin on their opposing baselines. A ball will be fed across the net, however, the team must wait until their coach yells ‘go’ to hit the ball, practising effective use of time and space.

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doubles tennis players
Doubles tennis players after winning
Agility & Stamina

The game of doubles can be a long game and it’s important to be able to outrun your opponent.

This drill practises working in a team to constantly hit the ball. Working in pairs the players switch with their partner during the play following their shot, practising a full range of motion while conserving energy.

Cross Court Shots

Cross court shots are often used in doubles, being able to react is key to gaining a point. In this drill the court is split into four squares, Team A, B, C and D in each corner of the court.

Team A and D play each other, while B and C do the same. This helps players to learn to use small spaces while practising controlling their cross court shots.

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