Tennis Drills For Kids: Making Learning Fun and Effective

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Tennis Drills For Kids

Making Learning Fun and Effective

Cagney Tennis Academy strives to make learning tennis an enjoyable and rewarding experience for kids in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of fun and effective tennis drills for kids. These drills not only improve their tennis skills but also foster a love for the sport that can last a lifetime.

Let’s get started!

Rally Race

Objective: Improve hand-eye coordination, footwork, and rallying skills.

Description: Set up two teams on opposite sides of the net. Each team member must take turns hitting the ball back and forth, aiming to keep the rally going as long as possible. The team that completes the most successful rallies wins the game.

Variation: Add obstacles on the court to challenge footwork and agility, making it even more exciting for the kids.

Target Practice

Objective: Enhance accuracy and precision in shots.

Description: Arrange various targets (hoops, cones, or buckets) on the court. Assign points to each target based on its level of difficulty. Kids take turns hitting the ball towards the targets, aiming to score the highest points within a specified time.

Variation: Have coaches or senior players join in, making it a friendly competition for kids to enjoy.

Dribble & Hit

Objective: Improve ball control and timing.

Description: Kids start by dribbling the tennis ball using their racket like a basketball, moving around the court. When the coach shouts “Hit,” they must stop dribbling and attempt to hit the ball over the net.

Variation: Use different hand signals for “forehand” and “backhand” shots to challenge their decision-making skills.

Around The World

Objective: Enhance volleys and court coverage.

Description: Divide the kids into groups of four or five. Each group forms a circle around the net post. One player starts with the ball and hits a volley to the next player. The ball continues around the circle, and each player must hit a volley back to the next one. The goal is to keep the ball moving without letting it touch the ground.

Variation: Increase the pace of the game by introducing multiple balls into the circle.

King of the Court

Objective: Develop all-around tennis skills in a competitive setting.

Description: Set up a mini tennis court and have two kids play against each other. The winner stays on the court, becoming the “King” or “Queen,” and the next challenger takes their place. Players continue rotating, and the game goes on for a set period.

Variation: Introduce specific challenges for the “King/Queen” to complete, such as hitting consecutive forehands or achieving a certain number of volleys.

Tennis drills for kids should be both fun and effective to keep them engaged and motivated to improve. By incorporating these enjoyable activities into our coaching sessions, we aim to instil a passion for tennis while honing their skills.

Let’s nurture the next generation of tennis stars and have a blast on the court!

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