Beginner Tennis Lessons

Ace Your Tennis Strokes with Beginner Tennis Lessons

Beginner tennis lessons in a safe and secure environment allow you to have fun while learning how to correct your strokes. Tennis can help with your tennis skills as well as life skills such as self-discipline, self-motivation, self-esteem and confidence.

Benefits of Beginner Tennis Classes

The continued benefits of tennis are reason enough to start playing the game. Learning the right skills from the onset will guarantee your success in playing tennis and offer you a healthier life. Our professional beginner tennis coach has the patience and skill to coach adults and children from beginner through to professional coaching by maximising their potential on the court.

  • Learning the proper techniques. Our highly skilled coaches will teach you to hold and grip the tennis racquet correctly. We will guide you on swing patterns and foot movement, which will aid in long term-benefits to prevent future injuries as well as to allow you to play at your maximum potential.
  • Hand-eye coordination. The technique of playing tennis and timing the approaching ball with the right point of contact will help accelerate hand-eye coordination. The coordination learnt from playing tennis will increase mental alertness and ability to concentrate.
  • Stimulates gross and fine motor control. Movement on the court and ball striking use large muscles, which can help the body exercise gross motor control. Tennis can exercise a player’s fine motor coordination by learning to control drop shots, volleys and lobs.

Tips for Beginner Classes

Playing tennis requires patience as it can be a rather challenging experience but quite rewarding in the long term. Don’t anticipate immediate results after just a few weeks of play, especially if you are a complete beginner. Here are some tips to consider as a beginner in tennis.

  • Choose the right racquet. To play tennis properly, you need to choose your racquet wisely. Our team of coaches will guide you on the appropriate racquet to suit your height and handgrip. It is important to feel comfortable and have a steady grip on your racquet at all times.
  • Make sure to come for lessons and practice often. It requires a lot of consistency, patience, practice and determination to learn the game of tennis. Make sure to dedicate time to practice. Our coaches are hands-on and ready to assist you in areas where you struggle. We offer one on one tennis coaching to give dedicated time to help improve your tennis skills.
  • Proceed one step at a time. Remember you are learning, and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Remain focused and take a calm, cool and collected approach. We are not only here to teach you the necessary skills needed to be a good tennis player, but we will also mentor and guide you in your soft skills towards tennis. We will teach you to approach the game in a friendly and sophisticated manner, which will help you when pursuing tennis professionally.

About Cagney Tennis Academy

We offer professional tennis coaching with over 50 years of experience in coaching both adults and kids. We are locally operated with five centres across Lake Macquarie and Newcastle regions. In an all-inclusive environment, players ranging from beginner to professional come to learn and train with us, thus paving their way to competitive tennis. Our services also offer school holiday packages, group lessons and private classes.

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