Wayne Boyce

Wayne Boyce

Professional Coach

Wayne’s tennis coaching career is extensive and has seen him coach all over the world across 3 continents. It all began in 1984 working at clubs in Cancun, Mexico before moving to the USA in 1985-1992 and coaching at clubs in San Francisco & Los Angeles, followed by clubs in London, England, including the second most prestigious club in England – Queen’s Club in 1993-2018.

He then returned to Australia coaching across Sydney at some of the most prestigious clubs and schools until 2021 before moving back home to Newcastle and starting with Cagney Tennis Academy in 2022.

Wayne’s immense knowledge of tennis has been garnered over almost 40 years across the globe working with many professional and head coaches, as well as tennis business owners. We are incredibly lucky to have him with us and we are excited to watch our clients really benefit from his expertise and ability to provide techniques, knowledge and information from all over the world to help them and their games improve to their maximum potential and beyond!