Darcy Mansfield


Darcy started his tennis journey at the age of 9 in 2016 training at Cagney Tennis Academy and quickly progressed through the grades from orange, green and into yellow ball leagues. He now plays with and against some of the top juniors in the Hunter Region at the regional RMS level events across the Hunter Region.

He started his coaching career in 2021 under the tutelage of Head Professional and Owner Derek Cagney. He has been coaching a heavy load of classes with the younger children, as well as working at our holiday clinics and is excelling with the younger children in the ANZ Hotshots classes – Red, Orange and Green ball. 

His maturity and natural ease with the young children is beyond his years and he has developed into a great coach and mentor to the young children. He has a kind way with the children that allows him to get the most out of them in each session. 

We look forward to watching Darcy’s progress as a coach over the next few years as his skills develop and his thirst for knowledge continues, before he passes it on to his students.