Cagney Tennis

Paris Cagney


Paris started her tennis journey with us at Cagney Tennis Academy at the age of 4 and fell in love with the sport immediately. 

She trained almost every day, living and breathing the sport until she was able to start competing. Initially she played  local & regional events, quickly becoming the Hunter Region’s #1 ranked female in her age group at the age of 10 – a position she still holds to this day.

State and National events soon followed where Paris won tournaments all over the country, competing in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania & South Australia. She reached the Top 10 in her age group by the time she was 15, represented NSW in the 13&U Foundation Cup (Winning it), as well as being selected for the Northumberland Region in the NSW State Teams Carnivals in 10’s, 12’s (twice), 14’s (twice) and 16’s. 

Paris continues to train to this day and you can often see her at the Eleebana Tennis Centre working away on her game, whilst she continues to dream of a full scholarship to a prestigious Div 1 College in the USA.

Paris has completed her Foundation Coaching Course through Tennis Australia and is an amazing coach with a wealth of knowledge gained through her own experience as a player. A very technically minded coach, she loves passing this knowledge onto her students (as technique is everything in tennis), and has seen tremendous improvement in a lot of them over a short space of time. 

If you see her training, stop and watch, and after you say “WOW!” say Hi! She’ll happily stop for a smile and a chat.