Jacinta Trevathen

Jacinta Trevathen


Jacinta started her tennis journey at the age of 12 in 1995, training at Morisset Sports & Tennis Centre. She now plays socially with family and friends, primarily for fun and fitness.

She started her coaching career in 2022 under the tutelage of Head Professional and Owner Derek Cagney. She completed the Tennis Australia Community Coaching Course at Tennis NSW’s headquarters in Homebush and has been selected to participate in the Women Leaders in Tennis Coaching Course run by Tennis Australia. She has been coaching a sizeable load of classes with the younger children across all of our centres, as well as doing extra work covering for our more experienced coaches as needed. Jacinta has been excelling with the younger children in the Hotshots classes – Red, Orange, Green and Yellow ball.

She has a great ability to connect with children and has developed into a great coach of, and mentor to, the younger children. She has a kind way with the children that allows her to get the most out of them in each session.

We look forward to watching Jacinta’s progress as a coach over the coming years as her skills develop and her thirst for knowledge continues, before she passes it on to her students.