Geoff began coaching in Lake Macquarie in the mid 1980‘s at Hillsborough Tennis Centre, and started a small business in 1988 at Eleebana Tennis Centre.

He quickly grew in popularity as word spread that he was a great coach, and was getting excellent results from his students. He soon had a thriving second income from his coaching business at Eleebana TC, before taking on a promotion at another job which stopped his coaching for a period of time.

An excellent tennis player himself, he has credentials all over the country. Playing tournaments and competitions across Australia, even acting as the great Margaret Court’s hitting partner at one time.

Geoff has an easy going nature and way with his students which allows him to get the best out of them. He certainly got the best out of Head Coach Derek – Geoff coached him from age 8 through to 16, and Derek credits a lot of his coaching career to what he learnt from Geoff!

Geoff always has a story to tell, or is ready for a chat and a laugh. When you see him, stop for a chat, his years of tennis make for some great stories!